My 10 Years as a Juvenile Counselor

Booker Geez

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Booker Geez

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Booker Geez represents the angry mob in us all. Born in the Bronx, New York, Booker is a product of a mother who was a college professor and a father who was a photographer in the late 60’s before his untimely death at the hands of a drunk driver in 1970. Booker Geez graduated from Delaware State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising. After working as a freelance clothing designer, Booker created his own collection of women’s streetwear. Parental obligations became a priority, and to provide stability for his son and daughter he sacrificed his dreams of designing to become a juvenile counselor for the Department of Juvenile Justice. This is where this story begins and ends. Booker currently lives in New York City where he works in the private sector with adolescents put at risk and raises his children. Locked Up and Put Away is his first book.

About the Book

Locked Up and Put Away

My 10 Years as a Juvenile Counselor

Locked Up and Put Away is a tell-all book that is a glance into the crooked world of a city agency whose sole purpose is to rehabilitate youth at risk but with a spurious attempt have an inordinate turnover rate of the staff that eclipse any other agency in the city. When society ask the question, “Where the Wild Things Are?”, the answer is that they are in DETENTION. Locked Up and Put Away has the potential to educate parents and their teenage children on the dangers and toxic atmosphere that thrive in these facilities while it attacks street culture at its core. It’s a raw depiction of how life is on the inside in secure detention. You will be engaged in the endless situations the author encounters that have everything from sex, drugs and hip-hop as the backdrop with incidents that lead to violence and in one case death. Readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of jaw dropping events that come to a powerful conclusion at the hands of a system that has outlived its existence.


New book offers shocking look at juvenile detention

By Lisa Herndon

Power struggles. Staff pitted against staff. And residents sometimes out of control.

In his book “Locked Up and Put Away,” author and Riverdalian Booker Geez — whose real name is Erik Bishop — discussed his 10 years as a counselor in a juvenile detention center as well as the emotional and physical toll of taking a job to provide a steady income and health benefits for his two children.

The purpose of his book, Geez said, is to educate young men of color on the misconception that jail is something that should be glorified… READ MORE


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6x9 FrontBook - Paperback(BookerGeez)



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